Council Members

1. - Vice President test

2. Terree Baker - Treasurertest

3. Roxie Arias - Seargent at Armstest

4. Deb Hill - Presidenttest

5. Melinda Maldonado - Recording Secretarytest

6. Ryan Hernandez - Public Information Officertest

7. Tina Stone - Corresponding Secretarytest

8. Alaina Brookstest

9. VACANTtest


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Lake Los Angeles Community Standards District (LLACSD)
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Deb Hill
Lynda Maldonado Spanish Interpreter

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Town Council Regular Meetings are on the 4th Tuesday of every month





Volunteers are welcome on all committees

If you have time and are interested, please contact us via email or directly after our scheduled meetings.

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Your Town Council exists to provide a forum for the needs of our community to be heard.

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