Council Members

1. Lynda Maldonado - Vice President

2. Terree Baker - Treasurer

3. Roxie Arias - Seargent at Arms

4. Deb Hill - President

5.Tina Stone - Recording Secretary

6.Vacant - Corresponding Secretary


8. Vacant

9. Vacant

Lynda Maldonado - Public Information Officer


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Your Town Council welcomes you to Lake Los Angeles.



Your Town Council Welcomes You!

Lake Los Angeles Rural Town Council

P. O. Box 500012

Lake Los Angeles, CA 93550



The General Meeting for Tuesday, May 24th 2016 is Cancelled and the Speakers will be rescheduled for June 28th 2016. We apologize for any inconvenience.  

The Lake Los Angeles Rural Town Council will be hitting the streets promoting resources, programs, and seeking your ideas and suggestions to improve our town. 

      New Resources and Programs Available

Handy Worker Program sponsored by Antelope Valley Health Partners to assist in free minor repairs, wheel chair ramps, grab bars, minor plumbing and electrical, broken windows, heating and air conditioning.  

Operation Healthy Homes sponsored by Mental Health Awareness to assist our Veterans in coordinating services, benefits assistance, housing and placement, temporary financial assistance, jobs, and Veteran status just to name a few benefits.

Nominate a Neighborhood- We will coordinate with Antelope Valley Illegal Dumping Task force to have two roll off bins monthly to clean up our deserts. They will provide us the bins, but we need you to nominate an area and provide the volunteers to clean up our deserts, and neighborhoods. Perhaps you have an elderly or disabled neighbor that needs their yard cleaned up! 

We will be posting a new Sewer poll to gauge interest in pursuing a grant study to see if Lake Los Angeles is interested in supporting a sewer system. Whether you are for or against it, we need your voices to be heard!  

Do you have any safety concerns? Stop signs, painted cross walks, stop lights, school safety zones, street lights, sidewalks?  There is funding, and resources that are coming so speak out and let us know your concerns!

These are just a few of the resources and programs we are putting together for the community so when you see us out there in front of your local stores, come say hi and tell us what your community needs are!  

Watch for postings, updates, and community resources on FB page Lake Los Angeles Rural Town Council! We want to bring our community together, and show our Lake LA Pride! 

We look forward to seeing you there! 

We need volunteers to step up in our community.  A few hours of your time can make a huge difference in bettering our town.


 Please submit questions ahead of time via our contact form.


To apply please fill out the application and bring it to the next meeting.

2015 Election Application




What does your Town Council do?

The Lake Los Angeles Rural Town Council (LLARTC) represents the interests of the people of Lake Los Angeles to various government agencies such as:

- The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

- California State agencies and representatives

- Federal government offices.

- Any other interested parties which may affect our area


The goals of this Rural Town Council (RTC) are to:

Act as a unified, representative voice for the community of Lake Los Angeles, conveying the needs and wishes of the residents to any county, state or federal governmental body or agency. The Lake Los Angeles Rural Town Council (LLARTC) is not a governing body.


Lake Los Angeles boundaries:

The boundaries of the Lake Los Angeles sphere of influence, represented by this town council are as follows:

 1.  Bordered on the North by Avenue J from 120th Street East to the San Bernardino County line.

 2.  Bordered on the East by the San Bernardino County Line from Avenue J to Avenue S.

 3.  Bordered on the South by Avenue S from the San Bernardino County line

  .  to Longview Road and Avenue Q from Longview Road to 120th Street E.

 4.  Bordered on the West by Longview Road from Avenue S to Avenue Q

  .  and 120th Street East from Avenue Q to Avenue J.


Community Concerns...Your Town Council exists to provide a forum for the needs of our community to be heard.

The committee meetings to the right need your support - please pick one and attend?

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